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Final Film


How will the future creatures see us human being? What if they see us as humans in a Picasso’s painting or a surrealistic design? How does it feel like if we are discovering ourselves in a futuristic perspective?


The initial idea of this project is to explore the possibility of interactive VR animation and combine it with the theme of exploring ourselves – human beings.


In the year 3000, when the earth might be taken over by another creature, how will they see us human beings? What will happen if they do research on us based on a surrealistic painting of human? Do we really understand our life, our body, and our soul? How does it feel like if we see ourselves from another creature’s perspective?


By using VR software such as Tilt Brush, Quill, MasterpieceVR, and Unity, we experimented the possibilities of creating interactive VR animation, and we also tried to break the boundary between interactive VR and animation.




VR Technical Support


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Animating Process in Quill


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